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Random updates

Editing started last year, but it's been slow because I had to make a living too.

Since May 1, I've devoted most of my days to finalizing the cut. Last week, it was over 2 hours (which is just too long for a doc). As of today, it's down to 1:38 and there are 37 tight segments. They include everything from the Mayor race to the media coverage of Donnie's death and range from 16 seconds to more than 6 minutes.

Next, is determining their order. Some of it's logical and will follow a logical timeline, but there are other "wild cards" sequences that will add variety and surprises.

There's one more day to shoot additional supporting video (with Dave Park), which will happen next week. Then it's on to audio (updates soon).

This image is the back of the new card I had printed to promote this website.