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The World Premiere!

My first job out of college was running a record store in Charlottesville in the early 70s. Already a big movie buff, I spent many hours at the Vinegar Hill Theatre.

In 1988, when I was reviewing for CBS-6, I went to Cville to cover the FIRST Virginia Film Festival. It was especially gratifying to have my movie premiere at Vinegar Hill on 11/3/18 for the 31st annual festival.

A healthy crowd enthusiastically enjoyed themselves (and the movie). One of the most gratifying reactions for me was from 3 youngish attendees who knew nothing about Dirtwoman before and were impressed with the film and Donnie’s story.

SPIDER MITES has been entered in a number of additional festivals all over the country with the hometown premiere at the Richmond International Film Festival in April 2019.

Photo by my longtime Cville friend Bill Emory at billemory.com











Q&A with moderator Joe Fab.


With Rita McClenney (President/CEO, Virginia Tourism) & Kirk Schroder (Schroder Brooks PLC and the projects legal advisor).

Producer Virginia Bertholet

Longtime friend Ken Clements, who came down from NYC for the screening.