Dirt Woman

About Dirt Woman

Dirtwoman (aka Donnie Corker) is a Richmond icon. When he died, September 26, 2017, it made local and national news.

Here's a link to Donnie's Wikipedia page.

Jerry created this quick pitch to promote the doc:

When he was an infant, he suffered from the "Spider Mites of Jesus," because his mother couldn't pronounce spinal meningitis. This caused mental challenges that resulted in his lifelong illiteracy. At 13, he began selling his body on the streets as a drag prostitute. When he was arrested, he took a dump in the back of the police car, leading the cops to give him the moniker: Dirtwoman. Since then he's run for mayor, gotten kicked out of the inauguration of America's first black governor (Douglas Wilder), posed for his own pin-up calendar (weighing in at 350 pounds), offered crabs from his crotch for a GWAR video and hosted the annual Hamaganza fundraiser that provided "Hams for the Hamless."

When he died last year at 65, it was on the front page, top-of-the-fold of the Richmond Times-Dispatch and was featured nationally on NPR.


About TVJerry

Jerry Williams has been producing videos in Richmond, VA since 1972:

  • Heilig-Meyers Furniture (the largest chain in the nation) for 7 years
  • Richmond Public Schools for 10 years
  • As TVJerry since 1989 (producing hundreds of videos for local and national clients)

On a parallel track, he's reviewed since 1974:

  • The Man in the Dark (film/theatre) for local CBS affiliate for 15 years (click here for a quick look back).
  • For "Style Weekly" for 10 years (film)
  • As TVJerry since 1998 (film)

In 1998, looking for a way to promote his new website (TVJerry.com), he launched TALES FROM THE GRIPS, a weekly update on news and dirt in Richmond's production community. He also kept reviewing movies.

In 2013, he re-branded the site as SIFTER and started covering theatre again.

He's been juggling his paying clients with producing this documentary since February 2017.