Let me give YOU a “dollah!”

Dirtwoman fans are familiar with Donnie’s most familiar greeting!

In support of HEALTH BRIGADE’s efforts to serve their clients during COVID-19, take a “dollah” off DVD/streaming of SPIDER MITES OF JESUS: THE DIRTWOMAN DOCUMENTARY and TVJerry will match each dollar with a $10 contribution (for a limited time).


Dirtwoman for the rest of the world

This coming Friday the 13th is a lucky one for Dirtwoman fans. The DVD and streaming versions of the documentary will be available on this site.

It’ll also be on sale in Carytown at Mongrel and Plan 9 (Richmond and Charlottesville).

Speaking of Cville: If you’d like to enjoy it with an audience (always the most fun) the FINAL PUBLIC SCREENING will be:

Charlottesville’s Vinegar Hill Theatre
Thursday March 12

Coming full circle, this is the theatre where it first premiered at the 2018 Virginia Film Festival. I’ll be there for Q&A and to sell early copies of the DVD.

Final 4 shows this week


After a great 4-week run of Spider Mites Of Jesus: The Dirtwoman Documentary at Movieland we’re down to the FINAL 4 SHOWS. Click here for tickets.

I’ll be at all of the 3:50pm matinees today thru Thursday to greet Donnie’s fans (with Q&A after some of them). Thanks to everyone who came out, enjoyed the movie and shared the love with their friends. Details on streaming/DVD soon.

Save a Dolla!

(These are Sunday’s audiences)


Movieland tickets are discounted TODAY


I’ve decided to do a Q&A at tonite’s 7pm show.

Come save a few bucks and celebrate Dirtwoman!

 I will NOT be doing Q&A this weekend. Other than unannounced/surprise visits, this will be my last.

Remember that the run has been extended thru AT LEAST February 6 and longer if this weekend does well, so tell your friends!



Everybody wants a piece of Donnie

More great press just in time for Friday’s opening!

It’s the top of page first entry on the “This Weekend” page in Thursday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Click here to read it




Artist Matt Lively (who did the cool tar/enamel illustrations for the doc) is featured in this article in RVAMagazine: The Art of Dirtwoman

Click here to read it







I wrote this article for GayRVA about my experiences at LGBT festivals.

Click here to read it.


Even CultureWorks considers Donnie “culture!” They included the movie in their weekly email blast as a “Pick!




Friday morning at 8:05am, Jason Roop will be on Richmond’s Morning News with John Reid to talk about the movie’s opening as part of their weekly events coverage. That’s on WRVA (1140 AM / 96.1 FM).



Online news site River City Rapids included the movie in this week’s blast.




Tickets are on sale now (click here).

Remember that I’ll be there to greet my fellow Dirtwoman fans at all 3 shows on Friday and Saturday (4:20, 7:00, 9:40), PLUS I’ll be doing Q&A (and exit interviews) after the 7pm show both nites. Hope to see u there!


Run clarification and ticket link

Because of the showing at the Byrd in April, people assume that this new run at Movieland is a one-nite only affair.


This is a typical run like any movie. It’ll play for at least a week and longer if ticket sales are good.

IMPORTANT! Many people expect it’ll show at the Criterion Cinema (across the parking lot), which usually houses the art films. Donnie has been assigned a place of honor: Cinema 1 at Movieland!

Here’s the link to tickets.

Thanks for helping spread the word. (Remember, I’ll be there Fri and Sat nites for Q&A after the 7pm shows)

Coming Soon Indeed!

It’s only one week til Donnie makes his return visit and Dirtwoman’s already on the Movieland marquee!

Meanwhile, the media coverage is heating up:

On Wednesday, I visited with Jessica Noll at CBS-6 on Virginia This Morning.


Today I’ll be a guest on the longtime news and public affairs stalwart Open Source RVA to chat with my friend Don Harrison about my experiences on the film festival circuit. That’s at noon on WRIR (97.3FM) and on their podcast after 1pm today. CHECK HERE TO LISTEN (my interview is about 30 minutes in).

I didn’t make it on the air but NBC-12 posted this notice on their site.

Meanwhile, 2 of the most prominent LGBT organizations have posted announcements!

Listen for my sponsorship announcements all next week on VPM-FM.

Tickets are already on sale for the run, which starts next Friday, January 24 and runs for at least a week (longer if ticket sales are good). I plan to be at the 7pm shows on Friday and Saturday nite for Q&A after the film (and to greet fellow Dirtwoman fans).



Donnie comes home!

After a year of exposing the world to Dirtwoman via 7 film festivals (2 in California, 1 in Florida, 1 in Georgia, 2 in Virginia, 1 in South Africa), it’s time to bring Donnie back to RVA.

SPIDER MITES OF JESUS will begin an exclusive limited run

at Bow Tie Cinemas starting

 Friday, January 24

It’ll open at Movieland and may eventually move to Criterion, depending on ticket sales.

There will be 3 shows a day: 4:20, 7:00 and 9:30.

Some nites, I’ll be popping in for Q&A after the 7pm show.

There will be more news soon, including a link to advance ticket sales.

DVD and streaming options will be available after the run.

Here’s the new trailer!

Donnie goes down (South) and more

Jim Farmer (Executive Director) and Board Chair (also Jim’s hubby) Craig Hardesty

What may be the last film festival (in the US anyway) took Donnie to Atlanta for OUT ON FILM









Two friends who used to live in Richmond (see below) came to share the experience, plus a former RVA couple who moved to Atlanta showed up to share the memories.

Me and my hubby with former Richmonders Allan Webster and Greg Grantham.


“gloriously profane and wonderfully engaging”

While we were there, I got another great review from DAILY FILM FIX (7/10).
Click here to read it.

I also spent almost an hour chatting with Neal Jones for his website INSIDE YOUR HEAD.

Click here to listen.



Meanwhile, Dirtwoman made her first visit to South Africa (unaccompanied by me) at the Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on September 28.

Hot in Palm Springs, literally!

We endured the 100+ degree days to expose Dirtwoman to his first LGBTQ festival:

Cinema Diverse in Palm Springs.

With Festival Director Michael C. Green (wearing a Dirtwoman bottle cap necklace)

Q&A with Charles Drabkin

Friends Will Congdon (former Richmonder), Mark Reed (current Richmonder and my hubby), me, Bill Nicholson (former Richmonder), Lindell Campbell, Tom Guthrie (former Richmonder), Mohammed Samir

While on the West Coast, I recorded this podcast:


Click here to hear my chat with Mike Kaspar



It’s off to Atlanta for OUT ON FILM. If you’ve got friends in Georgia, let ’em know it’s playing 11am, Saturday, 9/28 at Midtown Art Cinema.