Donnie’s own song

How many documentaries have their own theme song? Dirtwoman does!

I wanted “Oregon Hill” by the Cowboy Junkies to play under the neighborhood montage, but that didn’t work out. I was considering how to accompany several segments in the doc where I needed a song, so I proposed the idea to Barry Fitzgerald, my longtime friend and collaborator (we created 4 bands together in the 70s). A few days later, he sent me “Roses & Garlic.”

In collaboration with his band, Thing2, they created the finished arrangement. In addition to Barry on keys, it’s Johnny Hott on percussion and Jeremiah Shriver on bass.

We went to Sound of Music to record. They generously hosted the Dirtwoman Toast in 2017, so John Morand was thrilled to be involved with the project a year later! He did a great job of mixing the song (that’s him at work above).

This excerpt goes under the RVA montage early in the doc. There are additional verses for Oregon Hill and Grace Street, plus a full-length version under the closing credits (featuring Donnie dancing!).

Jeremiah Shriver

Barry Fitzgerald

Johnny Hott

Keeping Donnie on my toes!

I just got these custom socks today! Can’t wait to wear them to the premiere!

Speaking of: The first edit is done and I’m waiting for Matt Lively’s illustrations and the audio elements (sweetening, score and title song) to be completed. Hope to have all that done by August 1.

Random updates

Editing started last year, but it's been slow because I had to make a living too.

Since May 1, I've devoted most of my days to finalizing the cut. Last week, it was over 2 hours (which is just too long for a doc). As of today, it's down to 1:38 and there are 37 tight segments. They include everything from the Mayor race to the media coverage of Donnie's death and range from 16 seconds to more than 6 minutes.

Next, is determining their order. Some of it's logical and will follow a logical timeline, but there are other "wild cards" sequences that will add variety and surprises.

There's one more day to shoot additional supporting video (with Dave Park), which will happen next week. Then it's on to audio (updates soon).

This image is the back of the new card I had printed to promote this website.